We aim to support anybody who needs help looking for work, if you live outside of our demographics, we'll support you remotely through video, phone and email. This service is provided free of charge.

For face to face support our first jobseeker support surgery will launch in Kempston, Bedfordshire. This service will be free of charge for anyone who is unemployed. Due to the current social distancing measures we've delayed this opening for now, but as soon as its deemed safe to do so we'll be up and running.


When you attend a Provide Sustenance jobseeker support surgery you will meet with a Provide Sustenance coach who will firstly understand your situation and then agree a support package with you tailored to your job search needs.


The support package structure will consist of coaching, mentoring and training.


Coaching – Designed to maximise your performance so that you can secure employment. The coach will use proven push and pull learning techniques including constructive feedback models to help you to improve your chances in getting a job.


Mentoring – Offline help from one person to another where the responsibility will lie with the Provide Sustenance coach to encourage you to work towards your objectives through regular communication. This professional relationship is designed to build your confidence so that you can take control of your own development and have the confidence to secure a job.


Training – Helping you to increase your knowledge and skills when applying for jobs. The coach will help you to write an impressive CV and cover letter. He or she will help you to prepare for interviews through role play, best practice hints, tips and guidance.