Born out of the COVID-19 pandemic and recognising that there are rising levels of redundancies across the UK - Provide Sustenance has been established as a social enterprise to help unemployed workers, find work.

Losing your job can negatively impact your mental health and it can be devasting to your quality of life. We recognise the severity of the situation and exist because we want to help people find employment and earn an income.

As a community interest company we aim to use profits from our trading activities to help the community we serve.


Commercially, we'll sell vitamins, minerals, botanical supplements, well-being products and ethical fashion. The profits generated from these sales will be used to help unemployed workers find employment.

The support we provide to job seekers consists of mentoring, coaching and training people to improve their job search.

We've been established to response to the COVID-19 redundancy crisis in the UK.

Image by Ian Schneider